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Your #1 Partner for fully insured groundwork, plant hire, concrete works, demolition, construction, site development and services in Ireland.

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Get the best groundwork, plant hire, concrete works, demolition, site development and services in Ireland from a trusted and experienced company. We offer a wide range of services at competitive rates.

Located in County Kildare, we provide services around County Kildare, Dublin, Wicklow, Carlow and beyond.

Why choose Keenan Earthworks?


Our team has the knowledge and skills to handle diverse projects with precision.

All projects are handles by qualified professionals.


At Keenan Earthworks, we offer competitive rates without compromising on quality while providing our customers with the highest quality of service.


Our equiptment and machinery is up to date maintained to a high standard and certified. We provide additional spec where required and custom plant solutions for optimal performance and standards to complete your projects.


We prioritise the safety of our team, your team, and the environment. All staff, services and machinery are fully insured. Our commitment to safety is unwavering.

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Hello, I’m Gus Keenan, Managing Director at Keenan Earthworks.

With over 25 years of experience, I have founded Keenan Earthworks and found some of the best team members in the country to get your project moving. Not only do I understand the intricacies of earthmoving and construction but I also recognize the importance of environmental sustainability and safety in every project.

Having started with plant hires and groundwork in Ireland in the late ’90s, I moved to Australia in 2008 and set up a plant hire and earthmoving company abroad. For 12 years, I had the chance to work with excellent clients across Australia and we used the latest methods to bring our customer’s ideas across all aspects of the construction industry alive.

Since 2020, Keenan Earthworks is back in Ireland, and while the time in Australia was valuable, there is only one place like home and I am much looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you here in Ireland. 

My commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, and quality workmanship sets the standard for our entire team. Choosing Keenan Earthworks for your project, me and my team will serve every project with excellence and reliability.